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what we do



Bluegreen provides bespoke solutions that evoke our clients’ unique identities across the spectrums of art, culture, and environment. Our refined solutions are a product of rigorous iteration and reflect a deep understanding of how natural and cultural systems operate. We believe that landscape is a powerful medium through which these systems can be created, enhanced and regenerated through design. Each strategic move addresses multiple site challenges and reveals multiple layers of site character. Our projects demonstrate our commitment to meaningful experiences in landscape, as a foundation of human understanding of place and belonging.  

how we work



Bluegreen begins projects with a rigorous investigation of the visible and invisible layers that make up a site. Our dynamic, curious designers innovate through a flexible, responsive team structure, where ideas are free flowing. Client and collaborator charettes are inclusive, fun, and energizing, fostering alignment, support, and trust between participants. We seek out collaborators whose appreciation for the design process enables us to push boundaries and exceed expectations.


where we work



Bluegreen primarily works in mountainous regions and communities. While these places present significant design challenges, they also provide unique opportunities to showcase ephemeral beauty, fierce adaptation, precise responsiveness, and rugged elegance. The Rocky Mountains are home to billions of years of geologic activity, millions of years of floral and faunal evolution, and hundreds of years of human activity at varying scales and in varying patterns. This constant and sometimes dramatic evolution in place inspires our work and reminds us that resilience in the face of environmental extremity is a critical design element. The patchwork of historic human endeavors that lies, sometimes like a tracing, other times like brutal scars, across the western landscape, intrigue us and encourage us to embrace human marks on the landscape, as well as natural ones.


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