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spectrum garden

The eclectic residential landscape is informed by the collaboration between Bluegreen and the owner, who is an artist, gardener, and color theorist. The landscape had declined in previous years and an extensive and diverse planting plan accompanied by a series of small interventions creates an energized, naturalized garden where the habitat thrives, children play, and dogs roam. An ever-evolving and sequential bloom cycle ensure a diversity of color and texture throughout the seasons.


Measures were taken at key areas to ensure the distinction between spaces, yet provide a unified landscape. Approaching the residence, the transition of the sloped garden from cool to warm palettes. Strategically placed aspen and cottonwood groves throughout the landscape provide enclosure and shade, while groundcover and lawn paths at a variety of scales ensure connectivity for the users within the large perennial and shrub gardens. The experiential landscape serves a multitude of purposes from framing views from within the residence to creating a habitat for hummingbirds. The naturalized and ecological processes will ensure the guided yet open evolution of the gardens in years to come as habitats thrive, cross-pollination occurs, and patterns emerge.​

Spectrum Garden is the recipient of the 2013 Colorado Chapter of the ASLA Merit Award.

project type: landscape architecture

location: aspen, colorado

client: withheld upon request

photo credit: marion brenner, jason dewey

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