spectrum garden

Soon after building their new residence, the owners found themselves in some distress. They had hired a landscape architect and contractor to design and install the landscape for their residence, but the landscape was nowhere near completion, was already substantially over budget and the contractor asserted that his work was done. At the same time, the owners were experiencing a crisis in their family and did not have the energy or fortitude to address their failed landscape. Two years later, the owners retained Bluegreen to collaborate with them to resurrect the garden and to see their initial vision fulfilled, although they were still shy from their previous experience.

The challenge for Bluegreen was to facilitate and guide a design process that included re-establishing the owners’ trust in design and construction professionals, to limit the extent of heavy construction in sympathy to the owners’ low tolerance for construction of any kind, to incorporate the owners’ artistic sensibilities into the landscape (one is a painter and the other is a writer), and to create outdoor spaces for their active family of children and dogs and other creatures.

This garden is the recipient of a 2013 ASLA Colorado Merit Award and is featured in the Mid-Summer/Fall 2013 issue of Aspen Sojourner.

project type: residential, landscape architecture

location: woody creek, colorado

client: witheld by request