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sculptural overlays

Broad and expansive views, framed by a native landscape composed of aspen, spruce and gambel oak trees, create a dramatic backdrop for this world-class sculpture garden. The collectors who own this amazing property are true advocates for all things artful. The existing sculpture garden, important in its own right, lacked hierarchy and framework. Bluegreen's approach establishes a framework to complement each piece and the natural site features while creating a dynamic experience. This is achieved by layering rectilinear, organic and vertical archetypes over the existing landscape. The rectilinear overlay establishes order and logical settings for the sculptures while the organic overlay composes broad movements to gracefully draw the eye through the garden. A vertical overlay composed of medium to large shrubs provides year-round interest and upright structure. These sculptural overlays provide an innovative solution to improve a landscape in need of an overarching idea while preserving the native landscape and strengthening view corridors to the mountain vistas beyond.

Sculptural Overlays is the recipient of the 2012 Colorado Chapter of the ASLA Honor Award.

project type: residential, landscape architecture

location: aspen, colorado

client: withheld by request

photo credit:jason dewey

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