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Overlooking the North Star Nature Preserve in Pitkin County, Colorado, Perpetuo shuns formality, instead allowing the dynamic ecologies of the High Rockies to direct the design. The newly constructed residence spans a ridge, integrating the structure into the site, an effect which is heightened through the incorporation of a green roof, minimal hardscape, and seamless vegetative transitions. By employing native plant palettes and custom seed mixes, the design acts as a catalyst for an evolving native landscape that harmonizes with the adjacent habitats of heron and elk.

Architecture: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Photography: Nic Lehoux

This project is featured in the June 2015 issue of Architectural Digest. 

project type: residential, landscape architecture

location: pitkin county, colorado

awards: 2018 International Architects Award

client: withheld by request

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