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black birch

In Sanctuary Restored, the enhancement of an aspen woodland revitalizes an underperforming landscape while responding to the transformation of an aging home. The textured plant palette and intentional hardscape applications transform the residence into gracious outdoor living areas amidst a woodland sanctuary. Social spaces of a variety of sizes create seamless and subtle transitions from the interior of the house to the exterior patio and ultimately to the meadow. The interplay between the rich perennial plantings, clean and crisp hardscape interventions, and the meadow is evident as the lush vegetation fills openings in the terraces and the meadow intersects the orthogonal planting beds and the clean architectural lines. The shape and materiality of the landscape reflect the tone and form of the architecture, creating a unified, tranquil setting. Formed concrete walls and rectilinear pathways provide strong, contemporary edges. Native plantings and water features soften these edges to weave a lush and comfortable experience. The residence is knitted into the high alpine environment, and the resulting landscape acts as any sanctuary should, to cool the senses.

project type: landscape architecture

location: bouder , colorado

client: withheld by request

photo credit: jason dewey

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