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How Becoming A Design-Build Company Has Increased Client Satisfaction

Updated: Feb 15

As either a landscaper or a landscape architect, you're likely to have experienced issues with each other. The landscape architect designs something gorgeous yet the plants and material cannot be sourced, making your job as the landscaper difficult and frustrating. Or the landscaper completely botches the install of your meticulous design by incorrectly reading the plans.

As a landscape architecture firm, we began to get tired of constantly struggling to get our designs sourced and installed correctly, which is why we started Bluegreen BLD! Bluegreen BLD is the installation and maintenance arm of Bluegreen. We became the solution to our own problem.

By starting our own landscaping company, we now have a dedicated team that works hand-in-hand with our architects to properly create, source, and install the landscape design from ideation to maintenance. This reduces miscommunication, improper plant and material sourcing, construction delays, and frustration.

As a result, we have seen faster installations, less errors, and more client satisfaction with the process and product as a whole. After seeing how streamlined and efficient the design-build process can be, we can confidently say that we never want to go back!

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