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aspen pitkin county airport master plan

The Aspen Pitkin County Airport sought a team to provide a full range of master planning services including existing conditions surveys, facility assessments, programming validations, forecasting, preparation of conceptual layouts, development alternatives, funding analysis and public outreach initiatives. Bluegreen participated in the initial master plan effort and collaborated on the creation of the Airport Design Guidelines. Further work emphasized requisite design work for the environmental assessment process.

Bluegreen, as a sub-consultant to Mead & Hunt and in collaboration with Gensler, led the conceptual site design effort necessary for the environmental assessment process that ensured compliance with the airport design guidelines while meeting the program requirements of the future terminal. Design elements include the incorporation of site-wide stormwater treatment through bioretention planting and rain gardens, manipulation of vegetation and landforms for intermittent screening and preservation of key extended views, enhanced pedestrian access, and integration of trees and vegetation throughout parking areas. Putting these future scenarios to paper to test program assumptions and development alternatives is Bluegreen’s strength. These schemes were studied in depth and further vetted through a series of team meetings and public outreach efforts. Coordination with airport officials and design team members, along with periodic public meetings, were all part of Bluegreen’s effort to advance the design and receive community feedback. 

project type: planning

location: pitkin county, colorado

client: aspen pitkin county airport

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