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reiling dredge historic park

The Reiling Dredge is the most intact mining site of its kind in North America, but despite its eligibility for national landmark status, it is at significant risk of being lost. Bluegreen is the landscape architect on a team to create a preservation master plan for the dredge and its mined landscape while simultaneously embracing the cultural, environmental, and recreational pressures placed on this unique resource.

Built in 1908, the dredge destructively mined the French Creek for gold, leaving acres of rock piles in its wake, some as high as 22 feet. The dredge ceased operation in 1922 and has since been decaying in situ surrounded by ponded water.

The master plan successfully integrates community input and expertise, some collected during a historic tour and hike, with sustainable design and practices, to best balance often competing goals for the site. The preservation strategy recommended is unique in that it allows the site's historic features to gracefully decline while enabling environmental and recreational goals to gain prominence over time.

Reiling Dredge Historic Park is the recipient of the 2014 Colorado Chapter of the ASLA President's Award for Excellence, the top honor in the awards program.  It also received a 2015 Architizer A+ Master Plan Finalist Award.

project type: cultural landscape

location: breckenridge, colorado

client: breckenridge heritage alliance

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