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tarryall-cline ranch

Tarryall-Cline Ranch is a story stalled in time. Comprised of vacant structures grounded in windswept high alpine plain, the land reads like a timeline—echoing the excitement of mining booms, the slowed pace of ranch life, and the ever-present, rugged beauty of the Rockies. Livelihood and environment collide—the consequence is a fading recollection of moments, eras, or stories. As a landscape scarred, worked to its productive potential and finally left to ecological reclamation, the ranch filled numerous roles in its lifetime; today, the ranch’s structures and meadows require restoration and new purpose. Tarryall-Cline Ranch represents landscape valuation, hard work, and productive ground—a heritage disappearing from Colorado’s rural landscapes.

The masterplan for Tarryall-Cline Ranch seeks to uncover the past and stage the future through gradations of stabilization and new growth. Subtle intervention re-interprets the land and restores its most meaningful functions. The masterplan excavates history from the landscape, revealing connections and relationships between culture and ecology. Tarryall-Cline Ranch is a poem of place; conceptions of old and new serve as orientation along lines of landscape, verticality, and time.

project type: historic preservation, interpretation, site planning
location: park county, colorado
client: park county

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