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rubey park transit center remodel

When the Rubey Park Transit Center was designed and constructed thirty years ago, no one imagined that it would serve as the Grand Central Station of the valley. As the Roaring Fork Valley's upvalley transportation hub, it is the first experience many visitors have of Aspen and its historic downtown core. As more people choose to ride the bus, both to and from Aspen on RFTA’s regional bus routes and within Aspen on the city’s local bus routes, use has grown to over 4 million passengers per year. This extraordinary use, in addition to the deterioration of the building and site, make significant upgrades necessary to improve not only the function of transit operations, but also the experience of existing and future riders. Bluegreen leads a consultant team to develop a schematic design for the remodel that is heavily based on outreach. The design process to create the newly imagined transit center carefully reveals agency, neighbor, business, and bus rider desires and combines these collective desires with transit, pedestrian, cycling, engineering, architecture and site design opportunities. The schematic design is the result of careful listening, collaborative problem-solving, and fresh ideas, thus realizing the successful transformation of this important civic space. Additional image credits: Studio B Architects.

project type: community outreach, landscape architecture, entitlements

location: aspen, colorado

client: city of aspen

photo credit: marion brenner

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