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elk park

Elk Park, a collaborative effort between Pitkin County Open Space and Trails and a diverse local steering committee, embodies the core theme of preserving and enhancing Redstone's culture, history, and character. Supported by elements of accessibility, ecology, education, and economy, the park strikes a balance between honoring its historical aspects and meeting the future ecological goals of the Crystal River Watershed.

The design of Elk Park honors its historical roots along the highway/railroad side and responds to the ecology of the Crystal River Watershed along the riparian side. This includes incorporating historical elements such as the depot and relics of railroad ties. Ecologically, the park expands the floodplain to stabilize Coal Creek and the Crystal River Confluence, mitigating high run-off periods.

Elk Park's site design creates three large, adaptable fields positioned to enhance river experiences and serve as communal hubs for the Redstone community. The landscape embodies the approach’s light touch—extensive vegetation preservation with subtle earth sculpting—while the absorption of stormwater runoff mitigates river volume during storms. Pathways of crushed aggregate further facilitate water percolation and seamlessly blend with surrounding vegetation. Site furnishing materials reflect the area's history, echoing those used in the adjacent Redstone Coke Ovens restoration and add deeper meaning to the user’s experience of Elk Park.

project type: community engagement, site planning, landscape architecture

location: redstone, colorado

client: pitkin county

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