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top of the rockies

national scenic historic byway

The Top of the Rockies National Scenic and Historic Byway (Byway) is an expansive planning project directing site development over 117 miles of alpine highway, numerous working and historic towns, and diverse mountain ecosystems. Bluegreen leads this diverse project team, which includes the United States Forest Service, the Colorado Department of Transportation, a non-profit organization, expert consultants, and public stakeholders. To update the design protocol and the perception of the Byway, these diverse partners produced the innovative Byway planning document which consists of a Corridor Management Plan, an Interpretive Management Plan, and Design Guidelines, demonstrating the collaboration and breadth of skill of the design team. This document aims to ensure the integrity and health of the Byway and its surrounding lands in perpetuity, thus preserving this elevated experience for generations to come.

project type: planning

location: pitkin, summit, eagle and lake counties, colorado

client: united states forest service, top of the rockies board

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