Summerwood is a raw 1.6-acre site located high on a ridge with sweeping views of the outlying mountain ranges near Frisco, Colorado. Comprised of Dakota Sandstone formations and scree, and speckled with sagebrush and gnarled, wind-shaped Douglas Fir trees on its sun-filled expansive view side, the site also boasts a peaceful and shaded mature Douglas Fir gallery.  The goal of the garden’s design was to preserve and interpret these outstanding site features through light-handed landscape interventions and a meandering experience, as well as informing the residence’s footprint and vehicle approach.


The landscape design integrates the residence and the architectural terraces into the ridge and uses the distinctive rock outcroppings as a framework within which to create a remarkable experience. Driving through the Douglas Fir forest, the residence is hidden from view until the last turn of the approach. The drive is carefully sited to preserve the old-growth trees and eliminate extensive earthwork that would damage the forest. An alternative scheme explores the use of a funicular to reach the residence. A series of outdoor spaces—for dining, lounging, playing and discovery—are created immediately adjacent to the residence as well as into the landscape. The spaces are connected by a series of elevated wood and weathered steel walks and perches, where varying vistas and the unique outcroppings can be experienced.



project type: residential, landscape architecture

location: frisco, colorado

client: witheld by request