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galena strides

Bluegreen directed streetscape design to establish a more comfortable pedestrian condition and to guide movement through and around businesses. Utilizing Silva Cells, the first application of that technology in an Aspen right-of-way, and avoiding a lawn strip, the design is water-wise and street tree-sensitive. Street trees will survive longer and live healthier; the Silva Cell reservoir also captures runoff from the sidewalks before it reaches the street.

Understanding pedestrian movement and the use of the site largely directed design decisions. Passive cutouts with stone pavers allow freedom of mobility through greenspace and introduce interesting textures, offering new ways to experience the street and move through the space. By collaborating with architects, streetscape materials reflect building elements into the ground plane. Locally-harvested sandstone pavers direct conveyance from the street toward the storefronts; FSC certified cedar benches provide comfortable and durable seating. Details and material selections both in hardscape and architecture imply permanence and longevity. Large 5 and 6-inch caliper street trees and creeping veronica give the softscape a mature, full appearance, while white columbine and obedient provide seasonal interest.

project type: landscape architecture

location: aspen, colorado

client: 204 s galena st llc

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