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Regarded as the "soul of Redstone," the historic Redstone Coke Ovens are the heart of this small and colorful Colorado town.  A dedicated advisory team, including interested community members, the Redstone Historic Preservation Committee and Pitkin County, engaged the Bluegreen Team to develop a site plan and an educational program to complement the structural rehabilitation and restoration of the coke ovens.

The design team embraces the historic landmark as a fundamental link to the past and an integral Redstone asset.  The simple design enhances the authenticity of the place and provides a strong connection to this unique heritage site.  Signage and interpretive markers integrate with the site and encourage discovery.  Materials provide historical cues, obscure edges and complement the coke ovens natural deterioration.  The site design concept balances restoration with ruin by rebuilding a portion the historic wharf and integrating a native vegetated barrier to protect the ovens.  The community, once concerned with any potential changes to the physical fabric of the coke ovens site, now embraces the appropriately simplistic design.

Interpretive signage images courtesy of Esse Design.

This project is the recipient of the 2009 Colorado Chapter of the ASLA Honor Award for Research and Communication.

project type: site planning, landscape architecture
location: redstone, colorado
client: pitkin county