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sneak peek

Ever had the irrepressible urge to look in past that construction fence and see what is really going on?

Who hasn’t?  The excitement commences as the Aspen Art Museum begins construction at its new downtown location. Deliciously taunted by word artist Kay Rosen, we are all eager to see the art, architecture and streetscape unfold.

Take a stroll by Spring and Hyman and see what you can see.




bluegreen in Dwell contest

Breaking news! Bluegreen is a finalist in the Rethinking Preservation contest sponsored by Dwell Magazine.  The contest seeks to build support for historic preservation by honoring precedents of the past. Bluegreen’s entry, the Redstone Coke Ovens restoration project in Redstone, Colorado, is up against a host of wonderful preservation projects from around the country, and to win we need your help!

Check out the contest and vote for Bluegreen here:

Rethinking Preservation Contest

bluegreen blog unveiled!

After much hard work and anticipation, Bluegreen is pleased to release the first post of our new blog.  Why a blog? you may ask. The decision to develop an online forum that investigates issues, events and people that affect landscape architecture, planning and the community at large was an organic one.  It was born out of our desire to explore ideas that affect us as designers and citizens and to share those ideas with you.  They say that design is 99% invisible, an unfortunate truth considering that the most interesting and critical moments of the design process go unseen.  We aim to change this.


It is in this investigative spirit we have founded the Bluegreen blog to EXPLORE, ADVOCATE, and ENGAGE ideas that influence design and our community, locally and abroad.  Please help us to create positive dialogue: read and comment often. Until next time…


Back to work!