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who’s who of ecological intellect

As leaders in the industry, Ecolect and the Material Connexion bring to your fingertips a wealth of innovative materials research and strategic information. Bluegreen utilizes both of these libraries in complement with our own blueGREEN materials library and database, one of the first of its kind developed specifically for landscape architecture professionals.

photo credit: material connexion

All three databases provide an easily accessible and searchable format for environmentally sustainable products and resources, including local materials, innovative design solutions and clean energy technology. Setting the blueGREEN database apart, our team of designers tracks project materials from their extraction to their ultimate disposal and provides a resource for our staff, our clients and our community to understand the life-cycle assessments and life-cycle costs of materials.

photo credit: bluegreen

While each organization brings a slightly different approach to the concept of shared intellect, the foundation of these great resources are quite similar. Each library is available online and allows for:
Searchable attributes
Interactive uploading of data
Sustainability Highlights—who, what, how
High resolution imagery
Feedback circuit

photo credit: material connexion

The Material Connexion additionally features eight locations internationally where over 6,500 cutting-edge materials are stored in a highly refined library system. This network of libraries provides the largest selection of sustainable materials and the only Cradle to Cradle materials library in the world. While much smaller in scale, Ecolect offers a hands-on learning program known as the Petting Zoo, a traveling exhibition of ecologically responsible materials. And finally, the Bluegreen team welcomes you to visit our Aspen location to review our hands-on blueGREEN materials library and take a virtual tour of of our online database.

photo credit: bluegreen

bluegreen in Dwell contest

Breaking news! Bluegreen is a finalist in the Rethinking Preservation contest sponsored by Dwell Magazine.  The contest seeks to build support for historic preservation by honoring precedents of the past. Bluegreen’s entry, the Redstone Coke Ovens restoration project in Redstone, Colorado, is up against a host of wonderful preservation projects from around the country, and to win we need your help!

Check out the contest and vote for Bluegreen here:

Rethinking Preservation Contest